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Photo: Kimito Takahashi. "Light of Shodoshima": giant dome constructed of 5,000 island-grown bamboo trees, and illuminated at night by LEDs.
Bridge expension joint, AL-type, No.80~100
Artist-Tetsunori Kawana and Stephen Talasnika at the Denver Botanic Gardens
Escola Green School, construída por Elora Hardy, do escritório de arquitetura Ibuku, em Bali, na Indonésia. A matéria-prima principal é o bambu.  Fotografia: Reprodução / ibuku.com
Puerta de doble acceso
Palais de lEquilibre Expo 2002, Neuchatel, 2002 - Groupe H
Vinci Construction is to construct a 300km-long high-speed railway line from Tours to Bordeaux, connecting the Atlantic metropolis with the capital city in 2.5 hours. The inside of the tunnel tube is to be produced with flawless fair-faced concrete, the reason why the radius-adjustable trapezoidal girder formwork with steel facing (TTS) was chosen for the project. The image shows the lightweight, easy-to-assemble GASS shoring system has been designed as a 12m-long mobile carriage.