Villa E in Morocco by Studio KO

Villa E in Morocco by French architects Studio KO weaves together the contemporary minimalism of Paris with the earthy textures of the Moroccan aesthetic.

kasbah bab orika // marrakesh, morocco

Morocco inspires a languid pace even amidst the frenetic energy of the technicolor souks & sputtering motor bikes. As such it's the perfect place for having ideas, fleshing their bones, for writing, reflection, and planning. And all over glasses of heady

Bed at an odd angle, to capture the window light and make room for a plant. Must be a one-person bed. green in the conservatory.


Photo (chanel bags and cigarette drags)

How To Live Like an Omani Princess: DESIGN IDEAS: Omani Bedroom (traditional or traditional contemporary) pt.


It would drive me around the bend to have those chairs at the end of my bed (I would kick them in my sleep) but the wall color and bedspread are right up my alley.

dailycoolhouses:  111 Modern Bedrooms Ideas: Read more: photo source:

Martina Lucatelli Stylist & Set Design Consultancy (*i wanna fill my home with helium balloons.