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Do You Need an Architect for Your Remodeling Project?

Great site that has a USDA Zone finder by zip code, and a plant guide with several options to narrow results to what you're looking for

How to Grow a Better Garden with Companion Planting (Wellness Mama)

Energy-efficient light bulbs are available today and could save you about $50 per year in energy costs when you replace 15 traditional incan...

Homeowners Should Act Now to Get Home Solar for Little to $0 Down

A little-known government program called the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit helps put solar on your home. Learn how to reduce your utility payments by hundreds of dollars per year before the tax credit expires!

How to Make a Simple Raised Garden Bed:

Investment Landscaping. Investment landscaping aims to create a landscape designed to last much longer than the typical residential landscape. The question is how best to design for landscapes that will endure, become more grand and useful in the next 20-30 years, reduce maintenance costs and look good? Read more...