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Rug painted on wood, @nabiladaredia Nabila, I can imagine you doing something like this.

Top 10 Stencil and Painted Rug Ideas for Wood Floors

Way better than usual carpet

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers and DIY Ideas Made For Walkin’ - Floor Stencils by Royal Design Studio

10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers - DIY Decor Ideas using Floor Stencils

Has your old or damaged floor got you down? Check out these 10 DIY floor makeover ideas using floor stencils - easy to use & affordable!

Wood and tile floor combination...

A good transition to flooring in the kitchen. Mixing tile flooring with wood. A fun and creative take on your living space floor!

Ideas con chispa

Ideas con chispa

Architecture & Interior design / Walls reminiscent of the

painting wooden floors, modern ideas for floor decoration with paint

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reclaimed wood table top: unique chevron pattern or quilt design idea.

Amazing floor!

30 Artistic Mosaic Ideas

What an amazing mosaic floor! Unique arts and crafts for the home. I need this floor in my house

Stenciled concrete floor by Kim Paige

Stenciled concrete floor - great idea for a basement. I have stenciled for years but not on a cement floor goood idea

We love the way these tiles add a point of interest to this classic wooden floor.

Combination parke floor and detailed tiles

stained concrete LilJillyBean                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

20 Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

Beautiful stained concrete floor -Decorative concrete patterns and stencils, supplies and workshops for creating decorative concrete effects for residential and commercial decorative concrete such as concrete etching, sandblasting, embossing and more.

Acid stain concrete is so stunning... looks like marble or some kind of semi-precious stone slabs.  And concrete is practically indestructible. by echkbet

Acid stain concrete – love it bc it looks like turquoise…holy moly this is awesome! Acid stain concrete – love it bc it looks like turquoise…holy moly this is awesome!

Tile Vault: Cuban Cement Tiles  Traditional cement tile is seeing a recent renewed interest because of the material's green characteristics. It is made of a mixture of Portland cement, marble powder and natural pigments for developing those strong, beautiful colors

Tile Vault: Cuban Cement Tiles

Patchwork cement tile floors and walls. Patchwork tile has become incredibly popular lately, and we stock ready-made mixes to save our clients from having to pick and choose complimentary patterns.

Do It Yourself Floors • Great ideas, projects and tutorials!

Do It Yourself Floors

Do It Yourself Floors • Great ideas, projects and tutorials!

"Escher up the walls and outside"  Wonderful designs based on Escher's art. I love these lizard-shaped pavers you make with a mold.

Gecko Stone Tessellated Interlocking Pavers, Lightweight Concrete Houses, Architectural Design, Imagineering My husband demands this for one of the patios

Just added because it's so fantastic. Reptile Pattern Wood Floor Inspired by MC Escher. I have a large, foam puzzle of these lizards that I use as a wall sculpture.

Lizards. ..?. ..