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Willem Bartel van der Kooi Piano Practice Interrupted, 1813. Art as Therapy. What year was this painted in? Try to stop worrying about who painted this and when. What’s good about this work is primarily the enchanting human dynamics at play.

"Het gestoorde pianospel (The Energetic Piano-Playing"), by Willem Bartel van der Kooi (Dutch,

Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen

The Love Letter Willem Bartel van der Kooi (Dutch, Oil on canvas. Dutch artists of the century drew inspiration from the century, the Golden Age of Dutch art. In this picture, Van der Kooi reprised a.

Samuel Lovett Waldo (1783–1861). The Knapp Children, ca. 1833–34. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Mrs. John Knapp Hollins, in memory of her husband, 1959 (59.114) #dogs

The Knapp Children, by Samuel Lovett Waldo (American & William Jewett (American sitters are the four sons of the hide and leather merchant Shepherd Knapp and his wife Catherine Louisa Kumbel

Ritratto della Famiglia di Adriaan Bonebakker 1809

Portrait of the Family of Adriaan Bonebakker with Dirk L. Bennewitz by Adriaan de Lelie

Jacques-Louis David, "Portrait of the Sister Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte," 1821. Napoleon's nieces hold a letter written by their father, who was exiled in the United States after Napoleon's fall from power. If you look closely, you can see a Philadelphia address on the letter!

The Sisters Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte Jacques-Louis David (French, Neoclassicism, Oil on canvas. Napoleon’s nieces embrace as they read a letter from their father, Joseph Bonaparte. David juxtaposed the sisters’ different.

RISD Museum: Jacques-Luc Barbier-Walbonne, French, 1769-1860. Portrait of Antoine-Georges-Francois de Chabaud-Latour and his Family, 1806. Oil on canvas. 221 x 174 cm (87 x 68 1/2 inches). Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Fund 2003.105

RISD Museum: Jacques-Luc Barbier-Walbonne, French, Portrait of Antoine-Georges-Francois de Chabaud-Latour and his Family, Oil on canvas. 221 x 174 cm x 68 inches).

Pierre de Moucheron (1508-67). Koopman te Middelburg en Antwerpen, zijn echtgenote Isabeau de Gerbier, hun achttien kinderen, hun schoonzoon Allard de la Dale en hun eerste kleinkind, anoniem, 1563 - Rijksmuseum

Pierre de Moucheron his Wife Isabeau de Gerbier, their eighteen Children, their Son-in-Law Allard de la Dale and their first Grandchild, anonymous, 1563 - Rijksmuseum

The Children of the 2nd Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, Henry (1750–1778), Thomas (1752–1795) and John (1755–1781)  by William Hoare

1762 The Children of the Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, Henry, Thomas and John by William Hoare

New artwork for sale! - " David Jacques Louis Portrait Of The Comtesse Vilain Xiiii And Her Daughter by Jacques Louis David " - http://ift.tt/2qo0WzI

Reproduction DAVID Jacques Louis Portrait of the Comtesse Vilain XIIII and her Daughter painting made by Jacques Louis David

1802 Anne Pauline Dufour Ferance and Her Son by Friedrich Tischbein (Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, Kassel Germany)

Anne Pauline Dufour-Feronce and her son Jean Marc Albert; by Tischbein Johann Friedrich August, c.

Jan Veth. Portraits von niederländischem Künstler. Kunstblog von Tania Rivilis

Portrait of Cornelia, Clara and Johanna Veth, Jan Veth, 1885 - Rijksmuseum

Heinrich Christoph Kolbe entourage of "family portrait around a card game" Canvas 164 x 98 cm Biography: Born in Dusseldorf where he almost all of his career, Heinrich Christoph Kolbe -

1813, moda XIX wiek, historia mody, dawne suknie kobiece, blog historia, blog historyczny

François-Joseph Kinson Portrait of a Young Aristocrat sitted with her two Children, c. Oil on canvas - 146 x 114 cm