How cool would it be to have an Apartment in new york!

Gramercy Park Townhouse in New York City, Designed by Architecture Firm Fractal Construction

Courtyard House in Seoul by Min Soh

Built by Min Soh,Gusang Architectural Group,Kyoungtae Kim in Seoul, South Korea with date Images by Namgoong Sun. This private residence is located in the old neighborhood of Hyojadong, directly west of Kyongbok Palace in t.

LED Light Shower Heads

Visentin LED Light Shower Heads

Would you want to be bathing in a LED light shower in the future? The idea from Visentin is a luxury shower head that bathes you in a rainbow of therapeutic colored LED lights such as orange, renew.

“Amazing Living  by Reims Architecture”

“Amazing Living by Reims Architecture”

Screen to filter light that changes throughout the day and seasons, perhaps for reception area or private meeting area

Flat-Out Fabulous Bring the spa experience of a rain shower home with Dornbracht's first horizontal shower. Six overhead water bars release a pre-programmed symphony of water in varying temperatures and intensities. Just lie down and choose from