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Jiraya Sensei & Naruto / Naruto (Day 51: An Anime That Changed Your Outlook) ---> I'm not finished with the series, but, honestly, seeing what all the characters go through and how they continue rising up, inspires me.

the whole wedding thing during the credits made me tear up. Loved it!

Oh, Pervy Sage. you are dearly missed.

Oh, Pervy Sage. you are dearly missed.

Frogception<<<Every time I see this sceen I feel like singing "Here I am! Rock you like the hurricane! "


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I could imagine this as when naruto was crying over jiraiya and kakashi finally showed a human side.

Naruto Jiraiya. Sakura Tsunade. Sasuke Orochimaru. Toad, Slug, Snake Sennin (Sage).

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Naruto and Jiraiya [by]