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Click to see more creative ways to display your LEGO Star Wars Mini-Figure Collection. I really love this creative display by madLEGOman, which includes space for the larger figures like Jabba, a tauntaun, the Gungan Kaadu, a Wampa, and so on. Great job!

Free cross stitch alphabet pattern printable online with detailed instructions, Alphabet 07 consists of block, script upper case and lower case letters, numbers and Cross Stitch. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

There are 13 Witches Runes altogether, you can use the symbols in magic work, or you can make yourself (or buy) a set of Witches Rune Stones for divination.

Hand 'breaking through' an elliptical shape, grabbing it. Which could show the theme of domestic violence. Shows two bold colours, red conveying anger and danger with black being a colour which connotes hurt. It is all very central so that it follows natural eye direction.

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