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illustrations Ericailcane (...) è un artista italiano. Street artist, illustratore, disegnatore e scultore, ha realizzato graffiti e installazioni in tutto il mondo. Secondo l’Istituto di Cultura Italiana di Chicago, Ericailcane "appartiene a quella generazione europea di nuovi artisti di strada che hanno rivoluzionato il modo di concepire lo spazio pubblico".

Illustrations by Ilka Meszely / On the blog!

Long before the creation of Pinterest- I have been hoarding images. In the olden days, I would save EVERYTHING to my desktop.. Usually with a really easy to find descriptive title like: ashafuaqkg. Sometimes in labelled folders, like: Inspiration. Ideas for clothes. Things I like. Colour Palettes. Colour combinations etc etc.. But most times I’d …

Illustrator Juan Carlos, from Valencia, works with simple illustration and clever layering to bring his imaginative paper figures to life. His work is full of interesting characters with endearing human...

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