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Mom the doctor is asking a question........ANSWER IT! XP

I had a doctor get after my case for doing this because I was like, nine and he expected me to do the talking. So I gave him sass. And told him I didn't want his help. I got in a lot of trouble with my mom but I felt like a ba

Pretty much....LOL.

Relatable Post The awkward moment when you gently toss your phone on your bed and it decides to bounce off 3 walls, knock down 2 lamps, and kill a cat.

this is unbelievably true.

I can’t get over how accurate this is // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - what people ask of 18 year olds

This goes to all Portuguese speakers out there!!!   "PUSH" in English sounds exactly like our word for "pull" in Portuguese.

"whenever you feel sad, just remember somewhere in the world is an idiot pulling a door thay says push!

I know your singing it

I couldn't stop laughing but I was watching a sad movie with my family and I just all of a sudden burst out laughing . Long story short I got quite a lot of weird looks.

I don't want to see selfies unless they look like these.:

The 24 Funniest Selfies That Have Ever Been Taken- I. -- seriously, jesus & the banana suit

Giant squirrel

I was so confused at first. took me forever to see it right. I laughed so hard at the fact someone had to draw it from a different perspective.

So very true ;)

I wish that I'd have thought to say that to my math teacher in High School.

Haha! Check out page 46 of the iOS7 terms and conditions!! Too funny!

LOOK: Apple's iOS 7 Terms & Conditions

Did you read page 46 of the Apple IOS terms and agreement? Too funny .