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antique stone urn with armillary

What Style of Garden Do You Favor?

Very similar to what I’m planning–short hedges by the walkway, tall(er) hedges in back with roses in front of them. I wonder how quickly the short hedges will fill in at this height.

White & Green Garden Design

Garden design: Buro Robert Broekema- Amsterdam Layout of the garden: Van Raaijen Hoveniers - Almere Limelight Like and Annabelle hydrangeas with variegated hostas, box woods, maple, and bamboo?

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My Serenity

Cracked the top of your bird bath? Replace it with a rusty old tire rim. Make sure the hole diameter fits on the diameter of the base of the bird bath and you have a great rustic large planter in your yard! Simple stunning with white flowers

Chateau De Fleurs

For secret garden or corner - Frith Lodge, Sussex. Country cottage garden in summer. Blue painted bench under Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' and rose, Rosa 'New Dawn' arch.

David Austin Roses: Obelisk smothered in a delightful Rose

Obelisk smothered in a delightful Rose - Picture of David Austin Roses, Wolverhampton - TripAdvisor