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Embedded image permalink...And you guys just thought they were being cool, little did you know!  Don't fall for the mark of the beast......


Embedded image permalink. This is disgraceful. Still think he's not a Muslim?

melissa on

they must really think we're that stupid not to notice. It's the right hand, not the left in America. (it is true, it's the left hand with the wedding rings they have on their chest)

They come here from Everywhere, Then want to Change America!!

ClearlyConservative™ on

Freedom of speech is for everyone...not just those you agree with 100% of the time.  Everyone means each and every individual.  Anything less than that is unconstitutional.

Freedom of Speech- amen to that! Liberals always think they are the ONLY ones allowed to have an opinion and expect everyone to agree with them.get over yourself and realize we are all entitled to our own opinions.

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James Ritchie🇺🇸 on


Light ~ God's WISDOM never ceases to amaze us.in the beginning he created light when the earth was "formless and waste". He created the luminaries (sun, moon) for Earth, and the clouds, and the atmosphere, ozone layer to protect us.

Chelsea Clinton doesn't "care about money", because she never has to worry about money. Hill & Bill take in $200,000+ for a speaking engagement... YET, CEO's of companies are ridiculed for their pay. Embedded image permalink

Progressives Today on

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Isreal Brownlow, Jr. on

No Person should hold power over a Nation for this long! In Congress limited the president to 2 terms, stating: "Too much power, for too long, is a threat to our freedom." The same holds true for Congress!