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The Girl Who Loved Him - The Story

Y'all should go read my short story~ #wattpad #romance #shortstory

That awkward moment when you're favorite fanfic story is never wrapped up...It's even worse when it's on a cliffhanger...

YESSSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHA!!! I HATE it when people write fan fiction where the characters are NOT in character at ALL!>>Or when the fan fiction isn't finished Dx

YES. SO MUCH YES. well this happens in Supernatural... but i'm not surprised cause everything has happened on supernatural except Destiel...

"Unpublished stories from independent writers online." That's what I plan to tell people if they ever catch me reading fanfiction.

writing prompts tumblr posts - Google Search....... Maybe while your working on changing the characters end, he/she slowly falls in love with you and doesn't want to go back.

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MC Diaries : A Garmau Story - Hi

And if it dosen't happen cry your heart out.

My life basically... anyone else reading after or psychotic or deranged or any of the other ones

My splitting head and streaming red eyes don't matter, and I have no important plans for tomorrow anyway.