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Don't Worry---Be Happy...or not. No Joke: Obama Admin To Use Emojis To Reach Out To Young Voters…

Guess what? Me and Dylan made our mom get us emoji apps ~Blake ps so now me and Dylan can use emojis

Hey, I'm not going to be on Pinterest very much for the next 4 weeks. But don't worry I'll be back after I finish Blood of Olympus.

I am inviting people to my ONE DIRECTION boards today,so if you want to join just comment:)

Comment! I'll post all the answers tomorrow morning. It's bedtime now!

ive seen this a thousand times, but never pinned it. yeah, so comment a band of you wanna. if not, okay cool, i respect you for your honesty.

Who knows me best? @Chase Reinhart I know you da best

What do you think i am? comment a number than an answer

Someone please do it I need an excuse to talk about him I haven't seen him in almost 3 weeks

Just comment the number and the fact about YOUR CRUSH. Don't ask about me. This is a chat board😂

Okay guys, let's do this... (yeah, yeah I realize i've posted it before, but I need to laugh or something or I swear I will go nuts. So bear with me)

Comment below :) <<< Because I cant comment for whatever reason: APH Russia or Prussia

I will answer all of them and if they are all right I will give you all a shoutout

I'll answer any of these!


Ask me anything you'd like!:) xx I accidentally deleted the other one:')