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Sadly true

Is body image is an issue impacting teen girls and women today? Check out these eye opening body image statistics to see for yourself. Unfortunately, it is a huge issue in our culture. Help overcome these body image lies by taking a stand for true beauty.

How 'Waking-Up' Helps Us Manage Emotional Eating

How 'Waking-Up' Helps Us Manage Emotional Eating

Awakening: How ‘Waking-Up’ Helps Us Manage Emotional Eating. Awakening is a word often used when talking with the women here at Green Mountain about emotional or binge eating.

Enlarged buttocks and thighs aren't the only consequences of excessive sitting. This infographic shows why sitting so much should scare you.

Have You Ever Wondered If Sitting Too Much Is Bad For You

This is why I often work at a standing desk. Most of us sit far too much. Sitting So Much Should Scare You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Colleen Clark's Body Image Comic Reminds Us That Our Bodies Don't Define Us. Clicking to the site has the full comic (still very short)

LOOK: A Young Woman's Incredible Comic About Body Image

Four page cartoon by Colleen Clark is a must see - body image - body issues - media - self esteem - love yourself -

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Ok but it is unhealthy to be fat (an exception can be made the tiny percent of time in which one physically cannot seem to lose weight even with healthy eating and exercise)

Changing standards for female body image

Female Body Image infographic that displays how different social aspects affect a woman's body image.

Body-Positive Mantras #healthy #confidence #bodyimage ... For inbetweenie and plus size fashion inspo visit www.dressingup.co.nz

35 Body-Positive Mantras to Say in Your Mirror Every Morning

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Body Styles: 10 Steps to Loving Your Body

Body Styles: 10 Steps to Loving Your Body

For the price of breast implant surgery, you could have a year of college tuition. For the price of a year’s worth of Slim Fast, you could have plane tickets to Europe." (cont') really puts things into perspective!

I have to say, I've always been a fan of T'he Dr. Oz Show'. He gives great health advice and ways to become healthier. He also got brownie points for being brave enough to go against Monstano on hi...

Dr. Oz’s 100 Ways To Lose Weight

Accept yourself as you are now ... and go from there.

. you won't find happiness in a smaller pair of jeans

Lose the weight loss obsession. I have friends who are so obsessed with being thin and healthy its controlling them. Be happy with who you are, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! Dont let food control you.