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Watering bottle

milk carton watering can.great idea for kids helping in the garden. Smaller kids can use a half-gallon. Can also let kids decorate it how they want. Good craft project for their own kids garden!

Subterranean Watering Method

Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Plants - Water Plants with a Soda Bottle

Such a good idea: Soda Bottle Drip Feeder for Vegetables. Bury a plastic bottle with small holes to water your plant's roots.brilliant in arid climates!

great idea for keeping planters well watered

How to Use Plastic Pop Bottles to Water Your Indoor Plants

Self Watering Hanging Basket Idea. Cut the bottom off from the bottle. Poke holes in the bottle. Insert bottle into planter. Put water in the bottle as needed.

This design is from cheapvegetablegardener.com, see here for details.  I have no idea if it will work well, but it was pretty fun to make!  I made some minor modifications to the original design, including a better support system (with a bamboo chopstick and venetian blinds cord!) and hot glue basically everywhere to keep the thing stable.  See the notes for more details.

DIY upside-down tomato planter, with milk jug, chopstick water bottle! I like the idea of upside down tomato plants but I do not have anywhere to hang them from.


Garden Self-Watering Cones

Use your recycled 2 -litre bottles with Aqua Cones to keep your plants and flowers watered. Aqua Cones work with any soil type because they were designed with punch out holes near the top.

Great way to recycle plastic milk cartons. Fill with native wildflowers to attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden. #homesfornature

33 Impossibly Cute DIYs You Can Make With Things From Your Recycling Bin

Instead of tossing your glass bottles, think that there's always a beautiful way to repurpose them!

A no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden. Self-watering planters like these aren’t a new idea. This version looks nice & works great for small herbs and plants. Empty beer bottles or make a larger garden with wine bottles.

Genius outdoor ideas - Gallery

Genius outdoor ideas

reuse wine bottles for a diy fountain :) but will use mason jars! Would be more awesome if there was a light making the water look like wine. this is an awesome idea! Cool Ideas,Cute ideas,Garden fun and love,In th

Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever.

Here are 10 vegetables and herbs you can buy once and regrow forever.

DIY Watering Can: So easy with an empty plastic liquid detergent container. This is so cool. I almost bought a watering can yesterday. I have an empty laundry detergent bottle. I'm making this today.

Punch holes in a jug lid to use to water your plants. So simple. I'm going to have to get some jugs. So many good ideas use milk jugs and 2 liter bottles and I don't have any of either.

diy recycled milk jug watering can Natural and Thrifty in Recycled Watering Jug