**Nougat for candy bars

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Give a sweet gift! Traditional nougat takes on the fresh flavors of lemon and pistachios in this soft and chewy candy recipe. Whipped egg whites help to achieve the nougat's fluffy consistency.

Lemon-Pistachio Nougat

Lemon-Pistachio Nougat From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

Chewy Almond Nougat

Almond Nougat Candy: This delicious chewy nougat candy is inspired by the amazing flavors of Torrone, an Italian candy traditionally made with honey, almonds and eggs. This version is made with slightly less expensive ingredients, but offers a delect

Nougat mit Cranberries, Kirschen und Pistazien

Die große Nougat-Völlerei

Cranberry, cherry and pistachio nougat Annie Rigg's sweet recipes for Christmas treats - Telegraph

Cherry-Pistachio Nougat Recipe   at Epicurious.com

Cherry-Pistachio Nougat

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O Mundo Colorido.....

Page's Glittering Torrone - Purl Soho - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

Nougat Ingredients     3 egg whites     1-1/2 cups sugar     1-1/4 cups light corn syrup     1/4 cup water     ALMOND MIXURE:     3 cups sugar     3 cups light corn syrup     1/2 cup butter, melted     4 teaspoons vanilla extract     3 cups slivered almonds, toasted     1 teaspoon salt

Chewy Almond Nougat

Chewy Almond Nougat Recipe -We've been making this candy for years. It continues to be a tradition for when the kids and grandkids cone home for the holidays. I've substituted pistachios for the almonds with wonderful results.

**Nougat for candy bars. I made without mix-ins Next time see if agave or maple would work.  Tastes like honey

Make the perfect sweet gift with Rachel Allens' nutty nougat - delicious on its own or chopped up and stirred into ice cream and it keeps exceptionally well