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Rea is a single woman living in Minneapolis who hates her job and her boss, and wonders if the rest of her life will be mundane, until her best friend, Sam, is suddenly murdered. She believes Sam’s boyfriend, Peter, a Russian national and businessman, has murdered her after realizing that Sam stumbled upon information regarding Peter’s interests in Afghanistan. The police cannot find enough evidence to incriminate Peter. Thus tired of her lackluster life and the injustice, Rea quits her job…

42 Powerful Moments Of Human Compassion In The Face Of Violence An American soldier holds the hand of a young Afghan girl. [Afghanistan War, 2010]

Paper Runs Graphic Photos Of Afghan Killings From War Crime Probe

It is a great injustice which cries out from the world to God. There are many who are bound and are oppressed by those in power, and these things are abhorrent to God, and shall in God's Way, and in God's Time be brought down. Know this, that all of governments, in all of this world, are not of God, or God's Purposes. It is a design which was begun millennia ago by the evil one. This has since grown until this day, and no one in all of the world has freedom. (U1 of 6)

Afghanistan: Before and after the Taliban

In the video, Aisyah