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from The Huffington Post

Drinking Water: A Human Right at Risk in America

this artsi is talking about power. saying that being powerful can turn someone and make them step on other people thinking that they are above and not equal. as you can see he is blocking the water by squeezing the pipe and not letting the kid have any.

"As long as the general population is passive, apathetic ... then the powerful can do as they please" -Noam Chomsky


More protests expected after funeral of Brooklyn man shot by police

Deaths of Eric Garner & Michael Brown illustrate the rash realities of racism, inequality, and corruption in America. They are more than enough to demand acknowledgement that America is not the model other countries need to be following. Should America wish to promote justice, equality, and democracy internationally, it must do so by example — an example it will only set when it begins enforcing these ideals domestically. #Icantbreathe #MUIPR #MichaelBrown #Racism #EricGarner #DarrenWilson

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The Best Destinations for Rookie Backpackers

Istanbul, Turkey sits at the convergence of two continents: Europe and Asia. Its an exotic travel experience thats well worth adding to your bucket list.

Blue Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan ::Islamic Arts and Architecture

Il modo in cui ci vestiamo non significa sì! #femminismo #feminism

Found in the back of my Anthropology textbook. - Imgur