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ESFP. My discovered this is my actual personality type, but I am hardly extroverted

It was a shock to me to go to Personality Café, and read the healthy vs. depressed ENFJ, because it tells me I'm NOT introvert, but extrovert.

She's hurt,mentally and emotionally.But everyday,she walks with a smile,'Cause that's just who she is:The girl who never stopped smiling.

Born wild

She was never crazy. She didn't let her heart settle in a cage. She was born wild, and sometimes we need people like her. For it's the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours, and she was always willing to burn for everything she ever loved.

I definitely write better than I speak.

Introverts: My words sound better coming from my hands than from my mouth (sometimes).

Sometimes I think work would go much faster if I could avoid this lol.

How an infp/introvert mind thinks. and how an someone with INFP (or introverted preferences;) might explain things .


Yep done it for to long and will not compromise this in my next relationship and a real man wouldn't let this be how his woman feels ever.not being second. Don't make yourself available for that foolishness! I have learned my lesaon.

I know a few ones that come to mind. Sad actually. I'm pretty cool. Missing out ÷}

I may think of you softly from time to time. But I'll cut off my hand before I reach for you again.

Crap.  Truth

She’s to Scared to get Close to Anyone Because Everyone Who Promised They Would Stay, Turned Their backs and walked Away ~ Life Quote