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#VW #Beetle LOVE everything about this car!!!!!

Karmann Ghia - remember seeing a shell of one of these at my uncles place....

Grey inspiration (look how well rust goes with it!)

If I lived in a cool surfer town in Cali or Hawaii. I'd totally sport one of these. Pink to be exact. I would only take it to the beach though. I bet the gas mileage is a bitch. <3 I WAAANT.

Split screen #VW Bus #QuirkyRides #ClassicCar

Split windows are the best. Event better when the split is in both the front and rear windows (i.e. early Porsche 356)

My momma loved VW beetles and she drove an orange one,but always wanted a yellow one because yellow is her favorite color.

Wow... gull-wing doors on a bug. That a crazy car. I dig the crazy low rider paint and wild doors... but something looks wrong with that front end.