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Seattle officials announced Wednesday that they were suing the Trump administration for its efforts to strip sanctuary cities of their federal funding. City May

20 places to see in your So far I've been to: *Seattle, WA *Portland, OR *Eugene, OR *Ocean City, MD (And I've had layovers in Denver and Albuquerque--but those don't count!

We've compiled a list of inspirational basketball quotes that will inspire you to greatness - even if Basketball isn't your favorite sport. These quotes apply just as well to basketball as they do to life, and if you take them to heart, you

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A Common Goal: I captured this shot during a basketball activity in Barangay Pugadlawin, Las Piñas City.

6'2" Werm from USA

Jump Higher Tips - Simple Jump Higher Tips.How to Increase Your Vertical - 3 Tips to Crush the Chumps Who Can't Even Get Rim

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I am SOO excited that its finally Thursday! Tonight after work we are leaving to go to down the shore (Gosh, I'm soo Philly now that I've been

Senior basketball pic

Senior basketball pic


This is a quote to explain the dedication the coach has to the team. Although they are lengthy and everyday, the coach schedules practices to help the team grow as individuals and a whole.