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It has been said widespread that depression is all to do with serotonin and chemical imbalances, but many medical professionals are coming forward now to talk about how depression may well be caused by inflammation. This makes sense to me because of the link with the brain and the gut and how certain foods fatigue me and some sky rocket my blood sugar. Our current western diet is very pro-inflammation so no wonder there is a depression epidemic right now. #quote #depression #heath…

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Fibromyalgia Reality Chronic pain

11 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Life

11 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Life | LIVESTRONG.COM

PCOS and Low Carb Recipe

PCOS ~"It’s easy to assume someone is overweight because she overeats. That she doesn’t know how to say no to junk food and doesn’t care about her health. Couldn’t be further from the truth. PCOS works against the female body, it makes it extremely difficult to lose the weight but oh so easy to gain it. Especially in the midsection!"

If you want the best diet for an underactive thyroid condition, this is for you. When you have an underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroid,...

Truth. Infertility-- lucky to have my one..but feel guilty that she is an only child...PCOS sucks

PCOS Problem #1: Sam's Club does not sell home pregnancy tests in bulk.

Six PCOS Facts ~ Some You Won't Even Believe!

September is PCOS Awareness Month. Many women go untreated & undiagnosed. Know the facts & symptoms. IN HONOR OF MY COUSIN I will share all month!!

Free 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge

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