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Ignorant of His Own Ignorance

Why did God make "having sex" so sacred? why are we limited to only one partner at a time? Why did He make it a sin to have sex with a third party when ur already married or have a lover? why do we feel so jealous, angry, mad if our partner had sex

My blog site has been a favorite venue of detractors trying to (hopelessly) defend their erroneous faith which can never be proven Biblical. I felt like laughing on top of my voice when I read a portion of their comments and defenses which follows:

It is not true that the church age has ended as Harold Camping and Apollo Quiboloy say, rather it has been commissioned to proclaim his wisdom to eternity.

Pope Francis: A friend to Atheists, an Enemy of Truth ‪#‎PopeFrancisAFriendToAtheist‬ ‪#‎extraordinary

Bro. Eli responds to a Catholic priest opposing the preacher's argument about the pope's statement that, “Jesus Christ is not a spirit but a man.”

Find out why the theory of evolution proves to be senseless and baseless compared to God's great purpose of creation.