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Home Wizards - Move Over Stainless Steel - Meet Slate The New Finish - Finally A Way to Hang Your Kid's Art on Appliances

Vacations -- How to Protect Your Home and Garden While Gone - You are excited about that summer getaway but wait....there's more to consider, like the protection of your home sweet home and garden while you are away! You don't want to think about it, but imagine if things went wrong while you were on vacation -- your garden dies, the house catches fire, or a prowler moves in and cleans you out of your prized possessions.

Reclaim That Vacant Room: Ideas To Make it Yours Again! Have Your kids moved out? Have an extra room in your house? Let the Home Wizards help you put that space to good use! Reclaim a spare room and make it your own- whether it becomes a closet, craft space, yoga room, office, etc. Let the Home Wizards spark your imagination! For more tips and ideas check out our Home Wizards show and all kinds of Home and Life improvement content here:

Architect Lamp Inspired Faucet For the Kitchen - It's the faucet that moves with you as you need and it's new by Brizo! The matte black is also new, with an industrial vibe. It was on display at the Kitchen and Bath 2015 Trade Show in Las Vegas. Take a look at how it works

After Christmas Organization Checklist - Home Wizards Radio Clip A clever and easy guide to make sure everything in your home is ship shape post-holidays!

Attitude Adjustment -- Home Improvement Style - What do you want from your home in this Economy and how are you spending money as a result? Better Homes and Gardens Magazine completed a survey and found some encouraging info in terms of the how, what and why of our home improvement spending priorities.

Succulent Stream Steals The Show --And Saves Water - It's the centerpiece of Anne Phillips' outdoor designs at the Pasadena Showcase House that is not only stunning and creative, but water saving!

Trends and Innovations from the International Builders' Show 2012 - It's known as IBS, the biggest Builders' Show in the country where contractors, and brands unite to show off the new must haves for the home in the New Year. For this broadcast Cindy is live at IBS on the IBS LIVE stage in the center of the convention center in Orlando, while Eric is live back at the home studio in Los Angeles for a comprehensive look at everything new and interesting at this trade show.

Spring Chores by Music - It's always easier to get things done when you can "whistle" while you work, or in this case, rock, dance, sing, and get funky! Here are Cindy's choices for songs to organize, clean up and work around the house by. But you can put your own personal selection together easily with a number of the inexpensive music editing software available to be your own DJ and make your home chore tunes fun and motivating.

Summer Repairs - The Home Wizards explore exciting and useful ideas for perfect summer home repairs! Fix your home like a pro with unique and helpful tips from your home wizards!