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When Vogue Met Gigi

When Vogue met Gigi Hadid: click through to read the full cover interview

Elliott Erwitt, Santa Monica, California, 1955. © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos >>So great, black and white is so dramatic and moving.

(Profile pic) This photo only showing a woman's facial expression and features emphasizes the emotions associated with the photo; this technique could be used to emphasize a photo's particular meaning

100+ Creative Photography Ideas

These images by Art student Rosanna Jones show a figure lying in a lukewarm bath of powdered milk. This results in beautiful, semi-translucent, ghostly images, with dramatic focal areas and a high-key effect (see above).

This shows the man's personality, something unique or interesting about him. It is something different from the normal, formal portraits.

50 Forced Perspective Photography examples around the world