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Co-parenting counseling can help parents learn how to communicate after a divorce. Chicago divorce lawyer Michael Meschino. (847) 991-7090

Learn more about what happens to student loans in a divorce from Chicago divorce lawyer Michael Meschino. (847) 991-7090

Learn about Illinois' "right of first refusal" law with respect to child custody and visitation. Palatine divorce attorney Michael Meschino (847) 991-7090

Learn more about the "best interest of child" standard in Illinois custody cases. Palatine child custody attorney Michael Meschino. (847) 991-7090

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A child cannot have too many people who love them & want to help them succeed. Support co-parenting!

Divorce is not what emotionally destroys the children... The bad and harmful communication between the parents before and after the divorce does! inspiring #single parents and #children of divorce to communicate effectively and #heal after divorce.

How To Solve Coparenting Communication Issues | Life Continues After Divorce