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A Haymitch Quote by Alpha-Wolff on @DeviantArt

I love Haymitch. I love this movie!

Caesar's interview with Peeta. This is like one of the best parts ever of the movie. It's like that first domino....(;

this broke my heart when i read it. peeta and katniss- the hunger games

Oh Haymitch...

One of my favorite haymitch quotes. Hes sarcastic and amazing.

I want a man who's sweet like Peeta, strong like Gale, and funny like Finnick  Forever alone!

Funny, but true, which makes it sad. oh my life.

fire is catching and if we burn, then you burn with us!

Capitol In Hunger Games Quotes Photos. Posters, Prints and Wallpapers Capitol In Hunger Games Quotes

YES! // Hunger Games Problems!

Hunger Games Problem Forget swimming with dolphins-- you'd rather swim with Finnick

HAYMITCH the Hunger Games

One of my favorite Haymitch quotes

Hahaha YES and THAT WOULD BE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

And then find PEETA.

Hunger games fans would understand this...  =D

Super Hunger Games Problems - "Toddlers in Tiaras seems like something that would happen in the Capitol.

Why is it when a movie book actually ends in a dream, It's a mere cop out, but people love THG and Harry Potter being nothing more than dreams?

i am taking up archery

I play with my nerf now and arrow all the time!🏹🏹🏹🏹And my friend used to take archery lessons and she has a real bow and arrow!

The Hunger Games the-hunger-games

favorite moment of catching fire

YA! hunger games power!

Hahaha oh wait that's so true. Please stop comparing them, Twilight is horrible and the Hunger Games isn't! Come on people, the Hunger Games is way better, so start to wake for once and except that the Hunger Games is way better than twilight!

Yeah that would have been a great touching scene.

I was waiting for this intense scene. It showed her vulnerability for Peeta. (Never read the books but I'm disappointed they left this out!

I think that she would have named her daughter Prim.

I would name her daughter Primrose Rue Mellark and her son Finnick Darius Mellark.

haymitch quotes mockingjay - Google Search

Mockingjay- Loved this part! Go Haymitch