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CLICK ON IMAGE TO GET TO ARTICLE Beethoven: The Black-a-Moors of Europe – by ReelDeel Frederick Hertz, German anthropologist, in “Race and Civilization,” refers twice to Beethoven’s “Negroid traits” and his “dark” skin, and “flat, thick nose.” (pp. 123 and 178). Frau Fischer, an intimate acquaintance of Beethoven, describes him thus, “Short, stocky, broad shoulders, short neck, round nose, blackish-brown complexion.” (From r. H. Schauffler, The Man Who Freed Music, Vol. I, p. 18, 1929).

In Fort Myers, Lee County school district has opted out of Common Core testing. It was a 3-2 vote. Don Armstrong, school board member said, "Sometimes it takes an act of civil disobedience to move forward. We cannot allow the fear to hold us back." Tom Scott and Mary Fischer voted with Armstrong and they clapped and cheered along with the red-clap supporters when Fischer, who was at first unsure, was the tie breaker. While other members feel like this will hurt the kids like member Nancy…