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thirsty cat

I could actually picture Oscar trying to get a drink of water this way.


Adorable Baby Bengal Kitten curled up with her Giraffe Cuddly Toy

Baby bunnies are also called kittens...so this mama cat is not too far off with these babies...

Caring For Cats and How To Take Care Of Cats With Love And Attention.

Michelle Simon Jada.

pissed off kitty face! kitties don't "do" walking on a leash.


{big orange cat) mirrored by a real cat! Orange cars are the best!

Pictures For Writing Prompts

Mom supervising - a little mini-me! Before we adopted our second cat (rescue from foster home), I'm so glad we got to see him with his mom. He looks exactly like his mom. Although now I wish we'd brought his mom home with us too. They were so connected.