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*February 2016* Times are changing in the East End, from bad to worse. Despite the love they share, Bella's and Michael's lives seem to be continually throwing grenades in their path to true happiness. Bella's dark secret is threatening to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Little Vinny has truly turned over a new leaf and is doing everything he can to be a good husband and father. He doesn't want to follow in his old man's footsteps.

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Dimension Traveling (Black Butler x reader) - BAAALLLLSSSS [Part 2]

Come at me bro! -- {anime, manga, otaku, fangirl, Black Butler 2, Kuroshitsuji 2, Claude Faustus, Sebastian Michaelis, humor, funny}


My friend Satan.

Jayne sells her soul to save her younger brother. Satan agrees to this and they form a friendship. She hunts for him and returns to hell every time she catches someone or something so she can stay young. She eventually finds out that her brother was taken to hell years ago and she wages war on satan with his own prisoners


So evil.

A demon is assigned to follow and terrorize a child, only to find that the child is far more evil than the demon can even comprehend.

Toll Brothers - Palomar - Floor Plan. Changing to only one laundry room. Making it & bar in to bathroom and bath in bedroom #4 into closet for study

The Land of Heart’s Desire, by William Butler Yeats. T. Fisher Unwin, 1894. First edition, Title illustration by Aubrey Beardsley