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A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition determined that having an egg first thing in the morning could help with limiting calorie intake throughout the day.some "Egg"cellent Facts!

DIY Blue Kote For Chicken Wounds-

DIY Blue Kote For Chicken Wounds-

Egg Cooking Basics - "Egg Anatomy"

Rouxbe ("ROO-bee") offers online instructor-guided certification cooking courses available on-demand, at your own pace. Learn more about the courses we offer.

What Do Symptoms Mean? #health #symptoms http://greatist.com/grow/what-symptoms-mean

We recruited some of the country’s leading health experts to help identify nine common conditions underlying frequent, and sometimes mysterious, symptoms. Here& how to clue into your body’s (sometimes mixed) messages.

Here comes the farmer, who cut the head off of my Aunt and steals all of my egg's

Babylonstoren // An Exceptional Country Getaway in South Africa

Chicken highlife @ Babylonstoren // An Exceptional Country Getaway in South Africa

Nesting Box Herbs - Aromatherapy for Chickens. Ignore the title, it's about more than aromatherapy.

Fresh or dried herbs in your nesting , boxes, anti-parasitics, rodent control, stress relievers🍃laying stimulants. A list of different herbs to use in your chicken nesting boxes and coops.

Thank you to all the farmers for their hard work they do everyday providing food for us!!!

Have students create their own ag awareness poster and display them for ag awareness week. Agriculture by the Numbers: A Tribute to American Farmers

After much research, contemplating dozens of designs and several iterations of my own, I am now happy with my PVC  feeder. There are no longer piles of wasted grain on the floor, which makes me, my chickens and my feed budget happy. Mine cost approximately $12.00 to build and was finished in 20 minutes.

My PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions

The Chicken Chick®: 15 Tips to Control Rodents Around Chicken Coops - Gardening For Life

This is a very helpful chart. I use three different kinds of apples in my Apple Crumble Pie... my grandson, Quinn favorite pie.

The spectrum (wheel) of apple flavors - from Sweet to Tart. Should be spectrum of tartness, because, for example, the pink lady apples are really quite sweet.