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See What Happens.

I've posted a version of this sign before, but with Dexter starting up again, I couldn't resist! And look at this awesome Birthday cake!

Finally a fun spin on all of these PIECE OF PAPER political statements..

"I am occupying your refrigerator. You need what I provide even if you cannot tolerate me. I am white but my best friends are Oreos. I am not as delicious as whole but not as disgusting as skim. I am homogenized and proud of it. I AM THE


Insert Baby, Receive Way Easier (and Fuzzier) Responsibility


Shoplifters will be prostituted. "World's greatest typo award"

It's a little true.

People laugh at sarcasm! But I am funny!

Dexter~ Only 1 Person if you want to call    (IT)   That..... In Mind~    Whaahahahahaha,,,....... I could be just like him..   :D

trivia,quotes,Dexter Dexter Morgan leads a double life as a police forensics specialist of crime scenes by day, and a serial killer by night of criminals whom have gotten away with murder through legal technicalities. He hides his double life fro

I don't even watch this show and think this is helarious

Funny pictures about Dexter freaks out. Oh, and cool pics about Dexter freaks out. Also, Dexter freaks out.

Can I?

There are days when I wish I could wear one of these around my neck

Now that's just cruel!

They are doing it right

Shoplifters will be forced to watch 24 hours worth of Sarah Mclachlin's ASPCA commercials. Think of the kittens.

In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it. A fun reminder that communications efforts can be very important, but they should yield to other matters occasionally. :)    Maybe I should put one beside my fire extinguisher in the kitchen ;-)


In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) fcseh In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :) In case of fire . ( for Social Media addicts :)

Pretty much everyone of these describes me!! lol Oh well I love my facebook!!

16 types of FB people

I knew it!  In honor of Girl Scout Cookie Season.

I knew it!

I knew it! In honor of Girl Scout Cookie Season. Womble-Photography here is the real reason we love them soo!

I'd feel less lazy about watching if I did this, but nah, probably won't happen

Dexter work out game. This is creative! You would have to do this during reruns though, new episodes are too important! Just started watching Dexter.

Still Cracking - Its Your Time To Laugh! Can I get it as a shirt?

Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.

Yes, Debra. I, too, loathe the pressure to wear my formal frocks when shopping at Wal-Mart. If only it were more casual there...


"I don't have to get all dressed up like I'm going to Wal-Mart or something. "People Of Wal-Mart"?I'm not sure I could handle "People Of Dollar Palace"!

so true! #dora

Funny pictures about Stranded on a desert island. Oh, and cool pics about Stranded on a desert island. Also, Stranded on a desert island photos.