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touhou houjuu nue asymmetrical wings black hair black legwear blush heart high heels looking at viewer lying nunucco on stomach petals red eyes shoes short hair snake solo star thighhighs ufo wings

29 offset lithographs 17 × 17 (432 × 432) on paper of various colours, printed at Millner Bros., New York and published by the artist in an unlimited edition One inscribed ‘Jenny Holzer’ on the back.

SculptJanuary 17 - Day 03: Woman Portrait, Julien Kaspar Concept by Sara Tepes

hey-ass-booty: “ This is perfect because I do this all the time. When I read smut its with a poker face but when its fluff I am a gooey mess of feels. ”

A complete guide to the kanzenban (the "complete" or "perfect" edition) re-release of the Dragon Ball manga in Japan from 2002 to 2004