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No wonder why he looks so perfect. :)

boldly setting hairstyle trends for dykes everywhere


Ok, justin may make some bad choices sometimes but you can't hate on him. Imagine how much stress he goes through. If you where famous, would you like it if you got hate all the time?

thats my boo lolz (=<3:P

I promise to the world that oneday I'll marry justin bczz one day I saw a dream of Justin and I saw that I am getting married with Justin bieber in future is my future husband :*

Look at him with this cute baby, BUT look at that tan..so sexy

Why cant people just realize this is who the real just is loving and caring and that he is just going through things right now ? Like seriously people should learn to say outta others peoples business.

True Beliebers will never leave him

Never ever leaving Justinnnnn Forever a Proud Belieber I love you Justin Drew Bieber and