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David Bowie - Let's Dance {And if you say, "Run."--I'll run with you. And if you say, "Hide."--we'll hide. Because my love for you would break my heart in two. If you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flower.}

LET'S DANCE — the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide, and that's a reason to celebrate, obviously. We couldn't be more excited for same-sex couples and unions to be recognized in all 50 states! It's time to pop some bottles and party hard for days to come. Crank up this bumpin' playlist and MOVE, SHAKE IT, FEEL THE BEAT.

I have always been a huge fan of david bowie, the let's dance music video is my favorite music video of his just for the fact he used it as a way to fight for indigenous people

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR BOWIE! I can't even begin to explain my love for you. Just. Too. Much #Bowie #LetsDance

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