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Sir David Attenborough Lies Alongside a Giant Femur (Thigh Bone) Potentially the biggest terrestrial animal known to science.

Giant Ammonite Fossils

Yes, it's real!! A giant ammonite ( fossil. Giant Ammonite Fossils

Ice Age Giants: BBC2 documentary brings giants of the Ice Age back to life

CGI experts and the best wildlife cameramen in the world join forces to recreate the beasts that roamed Earth years ago

Still fearsome... but a little smaller: Dinosaurs weighed much less less than previous estimates, say scientists

Lighter, yet still fearsome: A Spinosaurus (from the show Planet Dinosaur) was one of the biggest predator ever to walk the earth - but perhaps smaller than previously thought

Feathered Raptors by David Krentz.. I would kill to have this CG rig...Or do absurd amounts of VFX work in trade...Please David! Pretty please with a feathered microraptor on top!

Sir David Attenborough follows find of the largest known dinosaur

Analysis of the leg bones show that the vast titanosaurs were young adults, but still growing. So the fully grown specimen would have been even bigger. This dinosaur is able to be much more accurately measured than Argentinosaurus (illustrated) was, because only a dozen of the latter's bones were ever found