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Jean Harlow -- In my fantasy life I would wear this everyday! Love the feathers, the sparkle, the hair, just love! :-D

One of the first Pin Up Girls. Rita Hayworth. I love how she's shown as a pioneer of the pin up movement in the film 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Rita is displayed on a poster in the men's prison as a reason to live. The replacement of the poster with the image of Marilyn Monroe is used to demonstrate how much times are changing and how the characters are moving forward.

Cher is another singer who i think would be great for my "eccentric" idea. She has worn alot of bold, sparkly outifts, but im not sure if she would be easily recognisable if i where to recreate her look.

With the perfect hourglass figure, backless dresses and silver tinted hair, jazz singer Joyce Bryant became known as “The Bronze Blonde Bombshell.”