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Hunger - Ep41: Have you ever seen a kittens that wandering the foothills in search of Prey? Have no power because of hunger, But now she's got to climb She knew that this goes beyond the mountain, there is a Kitchen How much delicious foods in there the giant's Kitchen? Imagine Happy… she erect the claw ✻ Read this Story "<span><strong><a href="">Journey of Little Warrior</a></strong></span>" <hr>

I-I'm Daisy, and I'm-I'm will be a warrior! I left my home for this. My parents were killed by a monster. I survived and I continue my life to be the greatest cat ever! I get nervous sometimes, though. I need to join BlossomClan to achieve my goal.

Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

OMG! It's Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit! At least I think they are kits atthis time, but they may be paws!

We come home to the cats sitting around watching what they have caught and then when it tries to run away they simply swat it back and go back to just sitting there... It lasts about 2 hours before we have to kill it.

My cats love the fall and falling leaves. As the wind picks up the leaves and scatters them they run after the leaves as if they were prey, to capture and play with.-RNF