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Take day dreaming seriously. Create the perfect space to sleep like a baby. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Share memorable moments with the ones you love in a space created just for you. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

New year, new room! Kick off 2016 by creating a space worth celebrating. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Once upon a time, your little princess wished for a perfect place for just one more story. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Finally get started on that novel we've all been waiting to read. A serene home office is the perfect place to tell your story. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Switch up the scene and plan a picnic out back. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Test out those new recipes in a kitchen fit for a chef. Let Laurel & Wolf help craft a space perfect for your culinary adventures. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Create order in your life. Prepare yourself for success this year with guidance from a Laurel & Wolf interior designer. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

Feel free to lounge a little longer in a bed made just for you. #31Resolutions #GetYourDesignOn

When it comes to your nursery's theme, feel free to get creative! From butterflies to flowers to something as simple as polka dots, choices of motifs are endless. Consider the style of the rest of your home, and choose a palette that works in harmony.