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UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Unfortunately the videos have been removed - Of Course

Place of Refuge

In Ancient Hawai’i - a period from the Polynesian settlement in 600 AD until Kamehameha’s monarchy in 1810 – an extensive kapu system governed the islands. Kapu, roughly translated as “forbidden,” consisted of a series of laws that dictated daily life. Common men could not tread on royal ground. No one was allowed to step in the shadow of the chief. Women were forbidden from eating particularly phallic-looking bananas. The punishment for breaking these mandates? Death as human sacrifice…

Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show

A circumhorizon arc captured in Delray Beach, Florida falls behind the dark storm cloud

Actually, my dream house don't need to come with luxury. Just a piece of place for me to sliently read a book, with a nice view outside, and a room for me to adopt a dog and play with it. That's all! But it somehow seems to be a luxury to achieve that in Hong Kong... House Extension by Bloem en Lemstra Architects

10 Minimalist home offices to inspire

A simple scheme of black/white gives a neat and tidy vibe to this office space.

UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: Bob Lazar Area 51/S4 Employee Speaks Out After 25 Years (MAY 2014)

3000 Mile Wide Disc Caught By ISS? A massive unknown anomaly stationed above the Earth.The object diameter is estimated at 3-5 thousand miles. This image,first shown at a Brasilian planetarium presentation in 2013.

Star words on ceiling, kids use telescope (paper towel roll) to find them, record on sheet - would be brilliant linked to Shark in the Park!