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There's luxury in the new Empire Flying-Boats from Imperial Airways (1938).* free paper toys at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel, new memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, a mystic suffering financial ruination in Hong Kong and her miracles *

1938 travel ad promoting the luxurious new Empire Flying-Boats from Imperial Airways

31 October 1945 - atécoère 631 flying boat, F-BANT made an emergency landing at Laguna de Rocha, Uruguay. The propeller of the number three engine separated, causing debris to strike the number two engine. A propeller blade penetrated the fuselage, cutting a 3 meter size hole and starting a small fire. Two passengers died.... =====>Information=====> https://www.pinterest.com/jerdmann1914/airplanes-on-water/

Latécoère 631 - A French civil transatlantic flying boat built by Latécoère on…

Boeing 314 Clipper Flying Boat Ver.2 Free Airplane Paper Model Download

This airplane paper model is a Boeing 314 Clipper, a long-range flying boat produced by the Boeing, the paper model is created by Gary Pilsworth, and the s

Flying boat - figafix Another Ian McQue inspired scratchbuild

Flying boat - figafix Another Ian McQue inspired scratchbuild

WWII Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina Flying Boat Ver.3 Free Aircraft Paper Model Download

This aircraft paper model is a Consolidated Catalina, a variant of the American flying boat and amphibious aircraft Consolidated PBY Catalina (aka th


This massive, luxurious 'flying boat' could barely get off the ground

It was an exceptionally large flying boat, weighing in at 61 tons, with a wingspan of 157 feet, it had 12 engines and could reach an altitude of 1650 feet

The Flying Hovercraft - Hammacher Schlemmer this site has awesome christmas gifts. I am asking for this!

The Flying Hovercraft - Hammacher Schlemmer. Awesome thing for the mommy and the family.