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I was playing around with my new camera when I realized my cat is ridiculously photogenic.

This shot happened when I was playing around with different settings on my camera. I really enjoy the clouds and how they look playful, but have potential to be very dangerous. #nashville #clouds #night #explore #loveyourcity #skyline #create

Issabelth Przysiezniak: CoB-Sixpounder solo by Iss I don't have much time to play recently but I found out that it doesn't kill my skills as much as I was thinking it does :) It's 90% of th song's speed though. I played it in 100% on another video some time ago: Recorded with Nokia Lumia 1020 front camera. Amp: Line6 Spider IV 15W CoB-Sixpounder solo by Iss Issabelth Przysiezniak

I don't have a nice expensive camera but sometimes it's just fun to play around with the one I've got. Looking back at Mount Cook Village New Zealand from my campsite. [5472x3648] [OC]

from Zeens and Roger

Playing with my new Canon 600D!

playing with my camera- daffs