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'It’s tiring work being a baby…all that eating, pooing & growing. Do you know I am now 1.74kg (3.83lbs)? I was only 1.49kg (3.28lbs) when I arrived 5 days ago!' ~ Richard

Maybe I don't cry, but it hurts. Maybe I won't say, but I feel. Maybe I don't show, but I care. I miss you but I don't show. Dear heart, please be strong... - Ritu Ghatourey

Barikieli was born on Aug 15th 2013. He was abandoned by his school aged Mother to his Grandmother who then also abandoned him. A Good Samaritan neighbour took him in & has been caring for him. Unfortunately with 5 children of her own, two of whom will soon be reaching school age, she feels unable to continue caring for him so he has joined the WK family. Most babies of this age will cry a lot in their first few days, however, we have seen very few tears & lots of smiles :)

peter crawley - Grace under pressure Stitched visualisation of Grace under pressure. Each horizontal line represents 1 minute of audio. GF Smith Colorplan | White thread | 420 x 594mm

I deserve to wake up in bed next to a man that is happy to see me beside him, that kisses me in spite of morning breath, and can't get out of bed before making love to me again.