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'It’s tiring work being a baby…all that eating, pooing & growing. Do you know I am now 1.74kg (3.83lbs)? I was only 1.49kg (3.28lbs) when I arrived 5 days ago!' ~ Richard

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French Residents Ask For Batman To Help Fight Crime

Jingle Bells Batman Smells :) I can't stop laughing. I gotta show this to my boys at school that have been singing this song every day since coming back from thanksgiving break!

what I see... what i hear is laughter, what I feel is love, light gleaming through shimmering white curtains, blowing gently as the breeze lifts my hair and we tumble about in a cuddle puddle of child giggles and smiles and the promise of so many happy days to come.

Ensio Kauppila. Tamperelainen Viiskyt’ luku, Kalevan kaupunginosa

We had observed this mother and cub for a few days looking for food at low tide. Over the course of the week, the cub learned to dig for clams, too.Photo Credit: Donated by Rebecca D Logan

When My Mom Asks Me To Help Her With Something (gif)

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Who Are You At The Beach?

Modern Day Ruth: Lord, Make me a heart of a queen who captures the king. (courtesy of @Pinstamatic

That's a great idea actually. My birthday presents will consist of a Justin Bieber poster and a bow.