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Moon in Aries The Essential Oil To Use: Angelica Seed – anoint yourself with it (as long as it’s in a carrier oil), put it in your burner or bath. • Your Numerology Of The Month: 1. Just make a mental note that this is your number of the month and watch when it comes up. • Your Meditation Mantra This Month Is: Ayam – chant it daily! • Your Chakra Of The Month Is Your Sacral Chakra: Work on it! • Your Guiding Archangel For The Month Is Ariel: Talk to Ariel. • The Goddess Athena

pisces: So true, I am constantly seeking a connection to God, to be in a place of awe and serendipity, it is so fleeting, but when you are there it is magical!

I wish I was one of those Geminis lol I prefer too be alone with my thoughts, most people don't help. I do however spend my time laughing doing whatever makes me feel stellar

Cancer zodiac sign ♋ (★ it's a defense mechanism...we are extremely sensitive, so we have to filter the things we allow to affect us...or else we'd feel everything too much)