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Poster Annual 2015 - Graphis

Social/Political Posters - Graphis

All hail the British seaside! (vintage poster - 1955)

political poster - designer unknown (1969)

It's interesting to see the concept expressed by the use of simple image. The barcode is visualized as the window of prison, which show the concept of social issue.

This Is The Coolest Graphic Representation Of The New York Times Front Page We've Seen

Front Page Fingerprint is a data visualization made with the Processing language. The formal elements of the New York Times front page such as white space, headline size and length, body copy, imagery and color palette are shown for each day.

Poster Annual 2015 - Graphis

Poster Annual 2015 - Graphis

The amount of texture the designer was able to achieve in this image is amazing. You can almost feel the rigged letter form just by looking at the image.