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The Key To Weight Loss: Weigh Less By Next Week

Getting a flat stomach takes time, healthy eating and exercise. Learn how to get that flat tummy you've always dreamed about!

Carmen Morgan Back Workout Equipment: 3-5lbs Dumbbells 10-12lbs Dumbbells  8 reps per arm of single exercises 10 reps of regular exercises 3-5 sets

💥Back Workout💥 Equipment: one pair of light Dumbbells mine are light grey), one pair of medium weight Dumbbells mine are dark grey/black) - - 8 Reps ea Arm of all single exercises - - 10 Reps of all regular exercises - - Sets - - Outfit: - - - -

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The leg-baring fashions of Summer inspired us to round up our favorite thigh-trimming exercises. These moves will strengthen and tone your legs!


Work on your cardio endurance, burn fat and perfect your agility with our football-inspired Cardio Rush Workout. Kickoff is NOW!

These four easy workouts will help you reach your summer fitness goals.

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How to Get Toned Abs The Fun Way

Do you want to know how to get toned abs but not to do 1000 crunched a day? This article is for you.