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Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful & Kind) As'salaam Alaikum (Peace be to you)! **Please kindly note: Semi-hiatus. Responses to questions will be slow due to school,...

Do you thank Allah more than you ask for stuff? Say 'Alhamdulillah' for all your blessings big and small.

Imam Ali (A.S.) وَمَا كُلُّ ذِي قَلْب بَلَبِيب، وَلاَ كُلُّ ذِي سَمْع بِسَمِيع، وَلاَ كُلُّ ذِي نَاظِر بِبَصِير

invitetoislam: Dua for The Night of Power: Allahumma innaka afuwwun kareemun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu anni Oh Allah certainly you are Most Forgiving, You love to Forgive, so Forgive me.

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Hasbi Allahu la illaha illa. Huwa, alayhi tawakkaltu, wa Huwa Rabbul arsh il adheem. "Allah will grant whoever recites this seven times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next" Ibn As-Sunni (no. 71)

Dua for studying "Rabbi Zidni 'Ilman War Zuqni Fahman" - O Allah advance me in knowledge and true understanding

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