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Yep...that's what we do. You get tired of people saying you look ok today.. I just want to say let me exchange bodies with you for one day I have a smile on my face as the room is spinning and it feels like somebody hit me in the back of the head with a bat but it's a daily thing so I make a choice to smile and keep fighting to not let this Disease Control me emotionally because it already controls me physically !!! 💜

Sometimes you find things that just make you smile. Today I met the lovely Jess and @shopcoolcritters. I got a "cool critter" inspired by David Bowie. I love it's third-eye and sparkly fur. I love when you discover things that can't help but make you smile. I've been struggling the past week with being a #girlboss. I've been filled with doubt and I've been questioning everything. I've hit some big roadblocks that have left me wondering if it was all worth it. But I realized there isn't a…

Tom Felton: I met this boy 13 years ago when he came to visit the Harry Potter set as a make a wish child. He was very ill with not long to live. A few months ago he came to see me in Calgary to give me this picture and told me he's now attending film school and is back to full health

Don't worry! Okay! Write down what is wrong & cry it out! Crying is a great way for the body to release tension! Then write 1 thing that will make you smile, it could be looking at the sun, going to the seaside/beach, it could be having your favourite food! And proceed to do it, book a day soon and then you will have something to look forward to which will help you get out of bed and help you to lift up out of the depressive feeling!

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Leave religion. Leave friends. Leave family. Gain the one person I know who wants but doesn't need me. Spiral. Lose mind. Lose that one person. Die inside.

This is some of the very best advice on taking care of yourself during recovery.

If you hate your life think of all those kids that don't have people to turn to or anything to make themselves look pretty. Then realize, wow. I love myself.

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Menu board! (Rowdy in Room 300)

When it comes down to it, you can love a face or a body, but you don't fall in love with it. You fall in love with the mind. The way a person thinks, the way a person talks. Beauty can attract people, but your thoughts are whats going to make them stay