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After the whale shark, the basking shark is the second largest living fish, and can grow up to 32 feet long. These sharks are often mistaken for plesiosaurs, a group of long-necked, predatory marine reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs

In this 1985 photograph, customers – mostly men – gather at a pub in Northumberland (Credit: Credit: David Davies/Alamy Stock Photo)

(Credit: © Photo Researchers / Alamy) Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities: 10. Theodor Geisel - $9.5m (Theodor Geisel was responsible for some of the quirkiest and best-loved cartoon characters and children's book heroes. The artist and author published his works under the title of Dr.Seuss with some of his most famous creations including The Lorax, The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat still netting him money to this day.)

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