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Le ciel est trop haut, la terre est trop basse, seul, le comptoir est à la bonne hauteur.

Cake Design - Masque Arc en Ciel - Gâteaux sur Mesure Paris

from Etsy

Mask of the Moon - Handmade Leather Mask

i like this mask because its the sky and it show good side and a bad side


The Noble Art of the Sword, The Wallace Collection, London, review: when men were dressed to kill

Until a Rapier is drawn, only its hilt is visible. Men of wealth employed master draughtsmen to design hilts that goldsmiths then turned into objects of breathtaking beauty. With their upswept and downturned curves of silver and gold engraved with grotesque masques, caryatids and animals, Italian mannerist swords in particular are creations of delirious fantasy that happen to have a practical use.

Kapalai is an island in Malaysia, known for its scuba resorts. The island of Kapalai, just 15 kilometers off Sipadan, was a beautiful island two hundred years ago, but now it is only a sand bar. - via Alex Shar